English for Accountants


Accounting is a new educational resource for accounting professionals who want to improve their English communication skills in a work environment. Reviewed by accounting professionals, the series incorporates career-specific vocabulary and contexts into lessons that built students´ working knowledge of English. Each unit offers step-by-step instruction that immerses students in four language components: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 
The series is organized into three levels of difficulty and offers over 400 vocabulary terms and phrases. Every unit includes a test of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and listening skills, and leads students through written and oral production.

Career Paths: Accounting addresses topics including bookkeeping, financial statements, taxes, career options, and office interactions.

Why English for Accountants?

A variety of realistic reading passages
Career-specific dialogues
45 reading and listening comprehension checks
Over 400 vocabulary terms and phrases
Guided speaking and writing exercises
Complete glossary of terms and phrases
Upon passing the exam you will be certified from the University of Greenwich (Optional)


Unit 1 – Jobs in Accounting
Unit 2 – Numbers
Unit 3 – Office Materials
Unit 4 – Electronic Tools
Unit 5 – Bookkeeping Cycle
Unit 6 – GAAP and IASB
Unit 7 – Income Statements
Unit 8 – Balance Sheets
Unit 9 – Cash Flow Statements
Unit 10 – Describing Change Unit
11 – Gleaning Information from Financial Statements
Unit 12 – Overdrafts
Unit 13 – Costs
Unit 14 – Taxes
Unit 15 – Depreciation

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