COSO Frameowork


COSO is the Committee of Sponsoring Organization which published the “Internal Control-Integrated Framework” which is the internal control framework widely adopted in the United States of America.
The course will cover the COSO five components, which are Risk assessment, Business Control Activity, Control Monitoring, Information& Communication, and Control Environment


After the course, you will be able to build a business process for any business aspects and understand the best approaches to identify the business risks for operations, financial, and compliance risks. In addition to identifying and create the proper control activities to mitigate the business risks as well as the best approaches to monitor the efficiency and sustainability of the business control activities


The course will cover the main business cycles as follows:-
1) sales and marketing cycles.
2) I2C ( inventory to cost).
3) PTP (Purchase to pay).
4) FR ( Financial reporting).
5) Fixed assets.
Also, the course will cover the impact of the information and communication on the internal control

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