Data Analytics

Data Analyst Associate


The main guidance of this track is to give the audience the ability to analyze their business data using BI techniques.
Here you can add BI techniques to your business data. Go beyond the capabilities of tables, charts and uses pivot tables and charts, the Excel Data Model and Analysis Tool pack, and power BI.

Why Data Analytics?

After completing this course, you can professionally display and analyze the results of your business, teamwork, and organization using Power BI and Excel, which is the most useful Self-Service Business Intelligence technologies, as well as you, will start enjoying access to your Business Data Insights. and you will be able to perform the following:

"1. Prepare the Data
(Get data from different data sources - Profile the data - Clean, transform, and load the data)"
"2. Model the Data
(Design a data model - Develop a data model - Create measures by using DAX - Optimize model performance)"
"3. Visualize the Data
(Create reports - Create dashboards - Enrich reports for usability)"
"4. Analyze the Data
(Enhance reports to expose insights - Perform advanced analysis)"
"5. Deploy and Maintain Deliverables
(Manage datasets - Create and manage workspaces)"


- Create and formatting measures and KPIs, create pivot charts, use cube functions, and construct graphs that can summarize the information retrieved by using cube functions.
- Build Excel Data Model, Connect to databases, transform the data into a convenient form, and load the data into excel tables or into the Data Model.
- Transform formatted Excel reports into usable data to perform further analysis.
- Use the key visualizations in Power BI and describe the rationale for self-service BI.
- Use Q&A to ask questions in the natural query language, and create content packs and groups.
- Learning _ alongside Microsoft Excel and other files, and software as a service (SaaS) providers such as Microsoft Bing, Facebook, and Mail Chimp.
- Goes behind the scenes of the visualizations, and explores the techniques and features on offer to shape and enhance your data, and create attractive reports, while helping to find hidden insights into data.
- Use Excel Analysis Tool Pak to get insights from your data.
- Use the Microsoft Power BI suite of tools to connect to a wide variety of data sources. These include the main industry-standard databases, Microsoft cloud-based services _ Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Machine.

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