About Us

VERA is inspired by the organizations and individuals we work with - serving the community of the accountants and business professionals who are seeking effective consultations in the accounting and finance industries. We aim to make their jobs easier through our training programs that are built on a strong understanding of the needs of business organizations, which we believe will not only contribute to adding value and deliver change but will also lead to happier and more productive professionals.

Our Vision

To give every individual and every organization endless opportunities to reach their highest potential and make substantial improvements in their performance in parallel with achieving their long-term financial, economic, and operational vision

Our Mission

To be the best-known firm in raising all our clients` business goals to the ultimate level of efficiency and productivity, and to be the place that people go to when they need smart business solutions. VERA aims to achieve its mission through: Helping you make the best decisions for the successful growth of your business, putting business systems in place to avoid looming future problems, and offering valuable learning experiences in the accounting and finance fields by certified experts.


Reliability: we are attached to building open relationships & being real, in what we SAY, DO, and WILL BE.
Affection: Delivering our very best in all we do & exhibiting a strong will to meet or exceed our customers` expectations on every educational experience.
Ethics: We strive to uphold the highest standards of honesty in all of our actions and in which we live and work.
Commitment to Customers: We build long-term relationships with our customers that affect their performance positively.
Leadership: We always have the courage to take the first steps that can influence, educate, and inspire.
Quality: We provide outstanding educational programs that deliver premium value to our customers.
Passion: We are committed in heart and mind to shape a better future for you.
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