IFRS Consultation Services

Our Services Include:

Evaluate the potential impacts of IFRS
Assess readiness for IFRS conversions
Prepare a detailed implementation plan
Implement an IFRS conversion, providing support with: - Project management - Technical research - Training
Develop a plan for sustainability
Address the implications of IFRS in such areas as treasury, tax, financial operations, technology, and valuation
Design and implement state of the art control frameworks, efficient information technology architecture and data flow, and fast close methodologies
Streamline statutory financial reporting processes globally
Facilitate knowledge transfer for ongoing IFRS reporting

Why VERA ?

IFRS is rapidly gaining acceptance globally, spurring companies throughout the world to assess the potential implications and benefits of adopting these standards. The implementation of IFRS, a principle-based set of standards, is not just about changing accounting policies. For multinational companies, ensuring that IFRS is applied in a globally consistent manner that may involve significant efforts around the creation of policies, the modifications of systems, and the training of personnel. With the use of IFRS, companies, auditors, regulators, and users will need to adapt to an accounting and financial reporting framework that requires more judgment and less reliance on detailed rules and bright lines. Companies will be required to understand base principles and objectives, how judgments are made, and how they are applied.
VERA professionals have a track record of working with companies to achieve global consistency in their financial reporting policies and practices and to seize the opportunities IFRS offers. Our professionals have extensive experience in helping clients plan and execute complex and challenging IFRS first time implementation, and can provide assistance with all facets of the implementation process.
We have wide experience in supporting IFRS implementation for companies in various economic sectors, including banks, insurance companies, investment funds, as well as companies in telecoms, oil and gas, real estate, and multiple other sectors.

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